Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy for Cutting and Drilling

Concrete Cutting and Drilling can be hazardous work if you ignore basic safety precautions. Capital Cutting & Coring Ltd. has put together a Health and Safety program for all its employees.

We believe that the prevention of injuries through good work practices is an important part of day-to-day operations. All levels of supervision have a personal responsibility for the safety of persons reporting to them. Each individual employee must make a personal commitment to these safety practices. By reporting unsafe working conditions, our employees can make a significant contribution toward their own safety and that of their fellow workers.

Capital Cutting & Coring Ltd. complies with the occupational Health and Safety Act, and all other related legislated requirements as a minimum standard.

If you want to know more about our Health and Safety Policy, please contact our office.

At Capital Cutting & Coring we take concrete cutting and drilling seriously, and that includes the health and safety of our employees!